WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Normanites Now Pay MORE, for LESS Public Safety

City Leaders Push Funny Math in yet Another Meeting where the Mayor and City Council Make Themselves Unavailable to the Public and the Press

NORMAN – Some city leaders — with the mayor and city council members noticeably absent — spoke about the police budget today. Unite Norman has released the following statement in response: “The police chief states that the budget is higher than last year, yet we have fewer police officers on the force. Which provides more public safety? The number of officers on shift patrolling, responding to service calls, and working investigations — or how much we spend on them? Ask any law enforcement expert; it’s the former. Under this city council and this mayor, we are spending MORE per officer now, but have FEWER officers on the job. That’s upside down. “Besides, none of this funny math matters. The mayor and city council voted the way they did to punish the police and to engage in the national narrative.  This had NOTHING to do with current needs in Norman. If it did, it would have been discussed during the 5 months of budget discussions, not at 4a.m.” — Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman

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