FACT-CHECK: Statistics of publicly-available petitions show that despite the mayor’s false accusations that the grassroots group Unite Norman is all-male, old, and radical republican, “nothing could be further from the truth, according to the statistical numbers” Statistics from the publicly-available petitions demonstrably show: Ø  49.39% of Signers in Support of Recalling the Mayor are Women Ø  Nearly 1/3 of Signers in Support of Recalling the Mayor are Democrat or Independent (not Republican) Ø  Nearly 40% of Signers in Support of Recalling the Mayor Are under Age 50 Mayor set to be Recalled by a citizenry of her peers NORMAN — Unite Norman — the grassroots group aiming to recall the mayor and city council members over their vote to defund the police — held a Press Conference today to announce their turn-in of above the number of required signatures to Recall the Mayor: WHO:            Unite Norman Co-Founders:                                     Russell Smith                                     Sassan Moghadam                                     Along with supporters from the Norman community WHAT:          Unite Norman turned in signatures above what is sufficient to recall the mayor of Norman, AND in a stunning rebuke, more than 3X the number of votes with which the mayor was elected. This comes just one day after the grassroots group turned in signatures to recall City Council Member Alison Petrone in Ward 3;  And just two days after turning in signatures to recall former City Council Member Sereta Wilson, who has resigned her position. WHEN:          Today, Friday, August 14 WHERE:       In front of City Hall WHY:             · Mayor Clark led the effort to Defund the Police by nearly $1 Million in a dark-of-night vote on June 17; · Mayor Clark admitted in television interviews that she and the city council bent their knee to the violent, screaming mob inside city council chambers and pointed to a “national” issue of defunding the police — despite the fact that the Norman Police Department is held in high regard in the state and broader region, and has had for years leading community policing programs in place as models for other cities; · The Mayor also supports other radical ideas, such as: o Giving 16-year olds the right to vote o Turning Norman into a Sanctuary City o And more STATISTICS: The statistical breakdown of the citizens signing in support of Recall are: 49.39% of signers in support of Recall are Women 50.61% of signers in support of Recall are Men Nearly 1/3 of signers are Democrats or Independents (not Republicans) Age group are fairly evenly split, but the Younger demographic wins slightly: 37% are age 50 or Younger 32% are between 50 and 65 31% are over the age of 65 CONCLUSION: The mayor is being Recalled by a citizenry of her Peers. “This is a significant endeavor, especially for a grassroots groups of ordinary citizens who have never been involved in politics before,” said Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman. “We’re extraordinarily proud of our effort, and for every brave Normanite who stood up to be counted.”

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