Unite Norman Statement on the Resignation of City Council Member Sereta Wilson

Resignation comes just 13 days after Unite Norman began circulating petitions for recall

Grassroots organization thanks Wilson for service

Norman — Unite Norman has just learned of the resignation of Ward 5 city council member Sereta Wilson. The grassroots organization has issued the following comments:

“The people of Norman are overwhelmingly having their voices heard,” said Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman. “The people of Norman expect their will to be upheld, and they certainly don’t welcome national, radical ideas brought to our town such as defunding the police by nearly $1 Million.”

The resignation comes less than two weeks after Unite Norman began circulating petitions for recall of the mayor and four city council members. The petition for recall was filed on Friday, July 10, and the first signatures were gathered on Saturday, July 11.

In Wilson’s absence, the city council will be permitted to appoint her replacement, but the replacement for Wilson would serve only until February OR if a majority is not achieved, until there is a runoff election in April. Either way, the replacement appointed by the council only serves until the new member is elected by the people.

The grassroots group cautioned the city council to be thoughtful in their replacement choice.

“We thank council member Wilson for her service,” said Sassan Moghadam, co-founder of Unite Norman. “To ensure a bright future for this city, Unite Norman calls upon the city council to appoint a replacement that does not place radical, ideological, personal priorities above his or her service to the people. Any replacement must put Norman first.”

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