Unite Norman Condemns City Council’s “Cowardly” Delay of Vote on School Resource Officers (SROs)

STANDING ROOM ONLY: 100 Citizens showed up to speak in support of School Resource Officers Council Voted on 50 other Agenda Items, but Mayor refused to vote on activating School Officers grant  Mayor Clark “shamelessly” blamed her decision to punt the issue, on David Perry’s death — despite the fact she acknowledged she had a Quorum NORMAN — It was standing room only as 100 citizens turned out at City Hall last night — only to find a City Council still “phoning it in” via their computer screens, and still up to their dirty political tricks as usual. Mayor Clark led the effort to postpone a vote on accepting a federal grant for School Resource Officers (SROs), citing that they didn’t have enough City Council members present — even though she and the council eventually were asked to acknowledge that they indeed had the “quorum” required for voting. After suggesting they didn’t have enough council members present to vote on issues, the mayor and city council proceeded to vote on 50 other agenda items. “They’re still up to their dirty political tricks,” said Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman. “Even on an issue that affects the safety of our kids, they just can’t get over their own bias against law enforcement of any kind. I understand that they hate law enforcement as adults, but to put kids in harm’s way is just sick.” What’s worse, Clark opportunistically blamed the delay on the death of Ward 2 Council Member David Perry this past week. Yet she and the council went on to approve or vote upon 50 other agenda items without Perry there. “David Perry was a committed public servant,” said Sassan Moghadam, co-founder of Unite Norman. “Punting an important issue and using his death as the reason is inappropriate and is beneath even this city council.” The vote will occur now on or before September 22.

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