Unite Norman Condemns Act of Powder Substance Sent to Norman Police Officer’s Personal Home

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The Act Comes just Days after Left-Wing Local Facebook Page & Other Left-Wing Supporters of Mayor, City Council Began Targeting Police Officers, Doxxing Personal Home Addresses

Unite Norman calls upon the MayorCity Council members to “condemn in the strongest of terms” these acts

Norman, OK — Unite Norman, the grassroots group behind the effort to recall the mayor and city council for defunding the police and not upholding the will of the people, condemned again today the targeting of local police officers.

Reports surfaced today that a white powdered substance was received by at least one Norman Police officer at his personal home.  The white powdered substance comes only a few days after a Norman group’s Facebook page began doxxing, or releasing, the personal home addresses of Norman Police Department officers.

The Facebook page, Norman Police Accountability Project, has been releasing the personal details, names, and street addresses of officers, drawing concern from officers and their families who are now targeted.

“The release of personal home addresses and threatening behavior is uncivil and has no place in the public discourse of our city,” said Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman. “An alleged white powdered substance intended to poison, or even just to scare a police officer and his or her family, is going too far. The mayor and city council must come out and condemn these acts for the good of all of Norman.” “We call upon the mayor of Norman and the city council to CONDEMN IN THE STRONGEST OF TERMS these attacks, or these threats of attack,” says Sassan Moghadam, co-founder of Unite Norman. The grassroots group of citizens has already asked Facebook to remove the page that is doxxing the personal addresses of police officers — however, other left-wing activists supporting the Norman mayor and city council have sprung up doing the same style of doxxing of police officers’ personal home addresses. 

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