NOT SO FAST: Council Member Petrone Celebrates Victory — but There are at Least 100 More Signatures

Council Member Claims She Narrowly Escaped Recall by 3 Votes — However, Unite Norman’s Official Count Shows Dozens More Signatures Need to Be Counted The Legal Battle Is On “This is Far From Over” NORMAN – Council Member Alison Petrone claimed a narrow victory yesterday, suggesting that she escaped Recall by just 3 votes. However, Unite Norman’s count shows that at least 100 more signatures should have been counted as valid. The two sides will now head to court over the matter. “Our signature count shows that there are at least 100 more signatures that are valid and that should be counted,” said Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman. “Council Member Petrone can dance in the end zone all she wants, but it’s a premature victory dance. We will challenge this legally to ensure that every citizen’s voice is heard in this process. This is far from over.” Unite Norman is legally challenging the number of signatures needed in the recall against Mayor Clark, and they will now enjoin that legal effort with the Petrone recall. A judge will likely ultimately decide which signatures qualify for recall. “In just the past few days, despite being under the threat of recall this mayor and city council have proposed longer term limits for themselves and have denied police officers yet again the funding they need to do their job — this time, in the form of a federal grant that would have helped pay for protective gear,” added Smith. “They still don’’t get it, which is why we have to fight to ensure that the will of every citizen is heard here.”

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