Mayor Holds Special Meeting on Police Union Bargaining Days after Police Union Rescind Endorsement


NORMAN – Unite Norman — the grassroots group behind the effort to recall the mayor and city council members for defunding the police and not upholding the will of the people — questions whether a special meeting being held tonight on the subject of “public safety bargaining units” is political retribution for Norman’s police union rescinding their endorsement of the mayor.

Just days after the Norman Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #122 announced they were rescinding their endorsement given to Clark for election to mayor, the mayor calls a special meeting to discuss whether or not the police union can continue bargaining with the city on police officer compensation.

In an Op Ed in The Norman Transcript over the weekend, FOP president Robert Wasoski stated that the mayor said what she needed to say in order to gain their endorsement to get elected — but that Clark “had no intentions of supporting our officers.”

The police union president suggested that the mayor and city council had “targeted” Norman police officers over events happening elsewhere in the country that officers here had nothing to do with, and called her recent backtracks on defunding “disingenuous.”

Unite Norman agreed.

“One has to question the timing of such a meeting,” said Sassan Moghadam, co-founder of Unite Norman. “Coming on the heels of the police union revoking their endorsement, this reeks of political retribution.”

Source: Op-Ed, The Norman Transcript,

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