Mayor and City Council’s Pick for Ward 5 Has More Radical Associations than Sereta Wilson

Michael Nash’s Family Associates Think White People Suffer from “White Fragility” and “White Privilege;”  also that White People’s Opinions Should Not “Be Given Equal Weight to that of a Person of Color” Nash’s Own Family and Associates are Openly Anti-Police FundingAnti-School Reopening, and Pro-Socialist NORMAN — The mayor and city council are at it again, trying to stack their council with allies who have radical views or associations. The council’s selection committee on Ward 5 has chosen Michael Nash — whose resume at first blush appears to be moderate — however, a closer look at his family’s  associations reveals radical, divisive views that are vastly outside the mainstream of Norman. Nash’s family associates have stated in social media posts that white people suffer from “white fragility” and “white privilege,” and that white people’s opinions should not “be given equal weight to that of a person of color.” They support the radical political Political Action Committee, BLM which has been responsible for protests that have turned violent and millions of dollars of damage across the country. Those same close family friends (described as “besties” and photographed with Nash’s wife on numerous occasions) also share anti-police and anti-police-funding sentiments. Other associates of the Nash family openly state they are for “Secular Humanism,” a worldview that relies upon science and is closely aligned with atheism. That same family associate attacks American rugged individualism, calling Americans “sociopathic narcissists” (sic). They are also vehemently against children going back to school. Nash’s own spouse is photographed with admitted Socialist Bernie Sanders, who called people lining up in bread lines for food “a good thing,” and she uses a photograph which states she stands with the current radical city council. This is anything but arm’s length independence from the current mayor and city council. “The mayor and city council have learned nothing from this process,” said Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman. “The citizens in this town spoke very clearly that they don’t want any more radical viewpoints on the city council. This proves they are sadly tone deaf to their constituents.” “Thousands of citizens in Ward 5 delivered a message clearly: the people of Ward 5 don’t want their leader to have radical views or associations with radical people who can influence their views,” said Sassan Moghadam, co-founder of Unite Norman. “This is just one more thing this council got wrong.” ###

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