“DISGRACE:” Norman City Council Rejects ANOTHER Federal Grant: This Time, to Protect Police & Citize

Despite Warnings from Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, City Council REJECTS $26,226 in Federal Grant Money to Replace Outdated Crowd Management Equipment, Audio/Visual Equipment, Helmets, Padding and Other Protective Gear “Norman’s public safety rests in the hands of these lunatics who hate the police so much, they’d leave the public at risk of danger” — Russell Smith, Co-Founder NORMAN — As Federal law enforcement experts warn cities across America to prepare for Election Day violence, Norman’s mayor and city council members continued to defund the police — even rejecting other people’s money. During last night’s city council meeting, the council voted to reject yet ANOTHER Federal grant — this time, a $26,226 federal grant that would have helped replace outdated protective equipment. The funding would have provided “crowd management equipment, software, and audio visual equipment” as well as gear for crowd control including padded clothing for officers, helmets and plastic protective armor/shields. Council members suggested that protective gear for officers creates an “adversarial” environment and represents an “imbalance of power.” Mayor Clark said that during this time that the council is attempting to “reimagine” policing, she’d have to vote no. “This is a disgrace,” said Russell Smith, Co-Founder of Unite Norman. “Once again, these geniuses on the city council are REJECTING the expertise and advice of federal law enforcement who have decades of experience in this field — just as they rejected funding for the School Resource Officers program to keep kids safe. This mayor and city council are not only putting Norman Police Department officers in harm’s way, but they’re placing citizens in the crosshairs of not being protected should post-Election Day violence erupt. These far-left lunatics hate the police so much, they’re willing to allow Norman residents to be sitting ducks after Election Day.” The grant money was rejected due to “no” votes by Mayor Clark and Council Members Petrone, Bierman, Hall and Holman.

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