ANTIFA in Seattle, Portland, and... now Norman

Tent supporting Mayor Clark & City Council Proudly Flew the ANTIFA Flag all weekend at Sooner Fashion Mall

Group that Supports the Radical Mayor, City Council Is Declared Domestic Terror Organization by the U.S. Department of Justice

Will the Mayor, City Council Members Disavow the Terror Org’s Support?

NORMAN — A pop-up tent in support of Mayor Clark and the City Council at Sooner Fashion Mall proudly displayed all weekend the official ANTIFA flag — belonging to the group behind the violent riots & massive destruction in Portland and Seattle.

The flag flew prominently at the Unify Norman tent supporting the mayor and city council both Saturday and Sunday on Main Street at the main entrance to Sooner Fashion Mall.

“We’ve asked numerous times for the mayor and city council to condemn threats and numerous incidences of harassment to citizens exercising their Constitutional rights to petition their government and so far, they’re refused to condemn it,” said Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman. “Now we see publicly and very openly that they’re being supported by ANTIFA — a group so dangerous that the highest officers of the U.S. government have stated they’re a domestic terror operation. I’d like to know if they disavow that organization’s support, or if they endorse ANTIFA’s violent actions to squelch free speech in other cities, and now Norman?” Source: Attorney General Barr: Antifa is “domestic terrorism:”

ANTIFA is the organization that has taken credit for the Seattle CHAZ/CHOP zone, which saw weeks of violence, mayhem, destruction, and ultimately death, as people were killed inside the lawless zone. Source:

The organization is also, according to public reports and their own social media, behind violent protests currently happening in Portland — where, according to the city’s liberal Democrat Mayor, ANTIFA protestors have been planning to set buildings on fire while barricading exits so that regular citizens trapped inside of them are unable to escape. Source:

Also, according to public news reports, social media accounts and news video, ANTIFA protestors have been shining laser beams into the eyes of police officers and federal agents in an attempt to blind them. Sources:


“There have been countless injuries to law enforcement officers, millions of dollars in damages due to ANTIFA protests every night, and destruction to businesses in cities where ANTIFA operates,” said Sassan Moghadam, co-founder of Unite Norman. “Is that something that the people and business leaders of Norman want to happen here, if this mayor and city council don’t ultimately get their way? That’s the definition of terrorism.”

After 21 days of “occupation” by ANTIFA & trashing of their local businesses, even The New York Times reports this week that minority business owners and residents in Seattle now aren’t so sure Defunding the Police is such a good idea. Source:

“Our message is simple,” said Russell Smith. “ANTIFA doesn’t represent the values of Norman, where discussion and debate is welcomed. Don’t Portland our Norman.”

Eyewitness b-roll video of the ANTIFA flag flying proudly at the booth are available, as are numerous eyewitness photographs from both Saturday and Sunday.

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